Who is behind Litter Intelligence?

Litter Intelligence is a long-term programme led by registered New Zealand charity Sustainable Coastlines. Funded by the Ministry for the Environment through the Waste Minimisation Fund, Litter Intelligence also works in close collaboration with the Department of Conservation and Statistics New Zealand.

How do I submit my own litter data?

To ensure litter data is of the highest standard, all data on this website has been submitted by Citizen Scientists who have attended official training workshops. If you are a Citizen Scientist and have attended a workshop, please enter your data here.

Why should I get involved in data collection?

We cannot improve what we do not measure. We need accurate litter data to understand the problem so we can optimise solutions, and inspire action for a litter-free Aotearoa. If you have a spare few hours every few months to monitor litter at your local beach and want to get involved, we’d love you to join us.

What are Citizen Scientists and how do I become one?

Getting involved is easy. Sustainable Coastlines offers training workshops for groups who would like to take part in ongoing litter data collection on their local coastline. Workshops are free for community groups, schools and iwi/hāpu groups, and we have a sponsorship package available for corporates who would like to get involved (email steph@sustainablecoastlines.org). The workshop passes on skills in surveying, data collection, and Health & Safety that will allow you to play an important role in this important long-term programme.

How do I arrange a workshop in my community?

Firstly, check the workshop schedule on the Sustainable Coastlines website and email the appropriate contact for your area. If there are no upcoming workshops scheduled for your part of Aotearoa, please fill in an Expression of Interest (NZ) and we will be in touch to arrange a date.

What do we need to bring to our training workshop?

All of the equipment required to run litter surveys is supplied at Sustainable Coastlines’ training workshops. You will need a smartphone with a full battery, as well as sturdy, closed-toe shoes. Remember to bring sun smart and weatherproof gear, too.

I’m not a scientist, can I still collect data?

Litter Intelligence involves Citizen Scientists in the collection of all litter data: the nature of Citizen Science is that it is accessible to everyone, not just scientists. The data collection methodology is simple, and with a small amount of training and the right equipment, almost anyone can do it! From school students through to retirees, this programme is appropriate for all ages.

I’m just one person, can I get involved?

We recommend three people as a minimum group size for long-term litter monitoring, to help share the knowledge (and the fun) between you. Get a group together through your networks: local community groups, family, school, friends, work, neighbourhood, sports / scouts / surf / boating clubs, etc.

How do I set up Litter Intelligence outside New Zealand?

Litter Intelligence, the data collection methodology, and this technology can be applied anywhere in the world, and we would love to work with you to spread this work. If you are outside of New Zealand and want to set up the Litter Intelligence programme in your country, please fill out this Expression of Interest (Global) form so that we can be in touch.