Get Involved.

Become a Lead 'Citizen Scientist'

We are not currently training up new Lead Citizen Scientists. For those who have received our official training, head to to input your data. To explore the open-source database further, check out the Insights Page.


Become a Corporate Monitoring Partner

We require further funding and collaboration from corporate partners and generous donors to ensure the programme’s ongoing success. There are numerous benefits for an organisation to be part of this critical work, and your financial contribution will enable us to provide further training opportunities and establish additional survey areas.

You’ll have the opportunity to engage your staff and/or community to do your own litter data collection with the support of the Sustainable Coastlines team, and use the data for sustainability reports and communications. We simply ask that you and your team commit to being trained in the methodology (it’s super fun and easy), and to conduct your own litter survey every three months, for a minimum of three years. For more info please contact Ben Knight [email protected]


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