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About Litter Intelligence

We cannot improve what we do not measure. Litter Intelligence is a long-term programme that collects litter data, provides powerful insights about the problem, and inspires widespread action for solutions. Led by New Zealand charity Sustainable Coastlines, the programme works in close collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment, Department of Conservation and Statistics New Zealand.

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Collecting data, providing insights and inspiring action for a litter-free Aotearoa.


While important, quality data and powerful insights are still not enough to solve our litter challenge. We need action. Explore our collection of Action Stories for inspiration and tools to help you take action for a litter-free Aotearoa. There are all kinds of solutions, with something for everyone. Get started today!

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Recent Survey Data

We need accurate litter data to better understand the problem so we can optimise solutions, and inspire action for a litter-free Aotearoa. Browse recent litter surveys submitted by Citizen Scientist ‘Monitoring Groups’ for detailed results on the nature and quantity of litter found at each official ‘Monitoring Site’.

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