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Tea and … Plastic?!

What do your teabags really contain? A guide to brewing a plastic-free cuppa.

If we’re not careful, plastic has the unsettling habit of sneaking into every corner of our lives, including - it turns out - our daily cuppa. While tea bags have traditionally been made from natural fibres and 100% biodegradable, many are now partially made of plastic. It pays to do your research to find an all-natural brand - some companies make it easy by proudly stating their bags are made from abacá plant and contain no plastic at all. An alternative is to buy a reusable cotton tea bag, such as a ‘tea swag’, or a metal tea leaf holder to fill with tea leaves. If you’re drinking with friends or fancy more than one cup, invest in a teapot. You’ll soon become enamoured with the time-honoured ritual of tea making!

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Tea and … Plastic?!