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Forgot Your Reusable Cup?

Coffee cup-lending scheme to change single-use culture.

In Aotearoa, we throw away 295 million disposable cups every year. Global estimates sit at 88 billion. Each cup contains plastic that contributes to environmental degradation, and many end up on our streets, parks and beaches. Unlike biodegradable single-use cups - most of which are never composted - or personal reusable cups, which few of us remember all the time, Again Again is a reusable cups-as-a-service system for convenient takeaway coffee, without the waste. Customers hand over a $3 deposit to ‘check out’ their first cup. This is either fully refunded when they bring the cup back, or they can switch out a dirty cup for their next clean cup at any café in the Again Again network. If they've forgotten to bring their cup back, they can again pay another $3 deposit for another cup, and bring both cups back together when they remember, for a full refund. Clever! The scheme is currently in Auckland and Wellington. Learn more or find participating cafes on Again Again’s website.

Auckland, Wellington
Bottle caps & lids, Polystyrene cups or food packs, Cups, food trays & wrappers
Reduction, Reuse
Forgot Your Reusable Cup?