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Jandals with Ethics

Subs: From ocean rubbish to Kiwi classic.

Jandals are a staple in our national wardrobe but unfortunately, they’re commonly made of cheap plastic or rubber, and are often found washed up on our beaches. You can breathe new life into a broken jandal by using a bread bag tag to stop the knobbly bit pulling through after a blow-out. Alternatively, opt for better quality jandals with thicker soles that will (hopefully) last longer. The brainchild of two Kiwi brothers, Subs jandals are an environmentally smart choice people are starting to switch to. They’re made from 100 percent recycled plastic, much of it gathered during beach clean ups here and around the world. For every pair of jandals sold, Subs pledges to remove half a kilo of plastic from our oceans, and they’ll take them back and recycle them into a new pair when they wear out.

New Zealand
Rubber footwear
Reduction, Recycling, Product Design
Jandals with Ethics