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Milking it!

Dairy: reducing plastic a bottle at a time.

There are many reasons to cut down on your dairy intake or to cut it out altogether. Plastic milk bottles - and the numerous lids that are found littered around Aotearoa - is one of them. But if you’re not keen on drinking your coffee black, the number of plastic-free milk alternatives is growing. More and more farmers are selling direct to the public, allowing you to to drive in and fill your own containers. Some even deliver! How about forming a co-op with your neighbours and taking it in turns to do a weekly milk run, a few 10 litre buckets in tow? If buying from a store is more your thing, a few of the smaller producers are now selling milk in recyclable and/or reusable glass bottles. As well as being a better choice for the environment, advocates maintain milk stored in glass is healthier and tastes better.

New Zealand
Bottle caps & lids, Bottle neck rings, Bottle seals & tabs, Bottles <= 2 L
Prevention, Reduction
Milking it!