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No Butts

How you dispose of your cigarette butts matters.

Cigarette butts regularly rank as the most common item found in Ocean Conservancy’s international coastal clean-up day. Not only do the butts serve no health purpose (they’re merely a marketing tool), most are made of cellulose acetate, a form of plastic that can take over a decade to decompose. During this time, they leach toxic chemicals, and disintegrate into microplastics readily consumed by marine life. In Aotearoa more than six million cigarette butts are discarded each year. If you smoke, dispose of your butts responsibly; remember, they’re plastic and harmful to the environment. Carry a container, such as a portable pocket ashtray, to keep your butts in when you’re out and about or switch to ‘roll your owns’. Not only are they filter-free, they also have fewer added chemicals. And if you manage a business, provide butt bins for employees and customers who smoke.

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No Butts