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Plastic Free Birthday Parties

From straws to balloons and loads in between: how to hold a kid's party without the plastic.

Kids’ parties can be some of the most wasteful events we host, heavy on plastic and single-use items. But with a little imagination, you can throw fun plastic free parties that will save you money and (hopefully) inspire other parents to follow suit. First up, ditch the obvious: balloons, party-poppers and plastic straws are a great place to start. Hang paper streamers or bunting you can reuse year after year. A big colourful ribbon on your letterbox is a great substitute for balloons – and can become part of your family’s birthday traditions. Don’t waste money on goodie bags; if you want to send guests home with something, what about a piece of cake, a plant or some artwork they’ve created at the party? Always opt for reusable cups, plates and cutlery (borrow extra if you haven’t got enough) and reuse candles. They’re the centre of attention for only a brief moment after all! When it comes to games, think old-fashioned fun: egg and spoon races, sack races, musical statues, treasure hunts and pass the parcel are perennial favourites.

New Zealand
Food containers, Food wrappers, Lollipop sticks, Plastic utensils, Straws, Toys, sport, & recreation (Plastic), Polystyrene cups or food packs
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Plastic Free Birthday Parties