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Straw Survey on Wellington Waterfront

Simple survey presenting the facts and asking the right questions for businesses to get on board.

In December 2017, Sustainable Coastlines worked alongside the Wellington City Council to survey hospitality businesses around Wellington's waterfront. Two summer interns ran an in-person survey with restauranteurs, asking simple questions about plastic straw use and providing data on the plastic straws collected from beaches around Wellington. The response to this collaborative, non-confrontational approach was hugely positive. Plastic straws were voluntarily banned from 26 cafes, bars and restaurants along Wellington’s waterfront and Mayor Justin Lester got on board saying, "It is exciting that Wellington could be the first plastic straw-free city in New Zealand." After restaurant Wagamama, part of a global chain, made the decision to go plastic straw-free, its head office made the same commitment in its chain of 200 restaurants internationally.

Straw Survey on Wellington Waterfront