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That’s a Wrap! Goodbye to Plastic Pallet Wrap

A Kiwi business sick of single-use plastic pallet wrap makes plastic savings on an industrial scale.

At home, many of us have made the move from plastic wrap to honey wraps or containers for covering our leftovers, but what about the huge amount of single-use plastic wrap used to contain goods for shipping, otherwise known as pallet wrap? Kiwi company APL, who specialise in aluminum joinery, recognised the waste involved with shipping and transporting their products and materials, and decided to do something about it. 

APL worked with Reusa-Wraps to develop pallet covers that were suitable for their products, which they now use in place of plastic pallet wrap. These covers not only do a better job at keeping goods contained and protected, but by the company’s own estimates, will save 203,520 metres of plastic from going to landfill each year — preventing plastic waste on an industrial scale! It also saves the company more than $6,400 a year. Does your company use plastic pallet wrap? If so, there are alternatives worth investigating!

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That’s a Wrap! Goodbye to Plastic Pallet Wrap