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Glass Protectors: From Foam-Plastic to Corktastic

A local glass company responds to concerns about their foam pads on the beach with a sustainable solution.

Kiwi company Altherm Windows and Doors made the switch from blue plastic foam pads, which separated their glass sheets, to cork pads. The cork pads are a more sustainable option, made from renewable resources that break down faster. 

The change came after members of Taranaki Conservationists and Litter Intelligence data collectors (or citizen scientists) decided to find the local source of the foam pads that were washing up on their local beaches. After contacting Altherm, and notifying them about the issue, the company recognised how easy it was for the pads to reach waterways through the stormwater drain right next to their workshop. Altherm decided to make the change and take a more sustainable approach by adopting the cork pads as an environmentally friendly alternative that still works a treat.

Foam glazier spacers
Glass Protectors: From Foam-Plastic to Corktastic