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Tuakana–teina: kids teaching kids sustainability

Tamariki in Ashburton employ the tuakana–teina relationship to see better outcomes for our moana.

Tuakana–teina is the Māori teaching approach that values the relationship between older or more experienced individuals and those they teach, as well as the mutual sharing of experience between them. One group of tamariki decided to join in the tradition to see better outcomes for our moana.

Students that take part in the Litter Intelligence Education Programme are encouraged to think of actions they can take to help solve the plastic pollution problem. After completing their litter survey and audit, students from Ashburton College decided that inspiring younger students to care about the issue is a key way they could make a difference into the future. 

Wishing to embody the spirit of tuakana-teina regarding passing on what they learnt around ocean conservation, the students shared their findings and lessons with kids from Phoenix Preschool. They played a video about how marine pollution affects the environment and people, shared a graph of their own survey findings, and read a book about their experience at the beach. Lastly, the students ran an arts and crafts session where they reused plastic to make decorative fish out of old plastic bottles, turning their knowledge into a memorable creation. In the words of one of the tuakana students involved, “Passing the idea on to the next generation about how to prevent marine pollution is crucial to our further existence.”

By applying the concept of tuakana–teina, the students passed on core values to their younger peers regarding the need to protect our moana. Check out the link for some easy ideas you can use to share the spirit of tuakana-teina and sustainability with the tamariki in your life.

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Tuakana–teina: kids teaching kids sustainability