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LittaTrap: A Catchy Invention

Kiwi technology stopping street litter before it gets to the sea.

A New Zealand company has come up with an innovative way to capture rubbish before it enters urban drainage systems and ends up in our streams, rivers and oceans. Designed to be easily fitted into new and existing stormwater drains, Stormwater360’s LittaTrap was the winner of the Sustainability and CleanTech category at the 2016 Innovation Awards. In an Auckland street trial on the corner of Beresford and Hopetoun Streets, a single LittaTrap captured 10.72 kg of litter over an 11-month period. This included a considerable number of cans, plastic, wrappers, straws, wine corks, bottle caps and an estimated 2,000 cigarette butts.

New Zealand
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LittaTrap: A Catchy Invention