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The Power of Storytelling

Students moving from consumers to creators are getting front-page media attention.

Students from Campion College, Gisborne, have been exploring storytelling and influencing skills to spread their environmental message. Proof of their newfound skills became evident after securing the lead environmental story in a regional paper, the Gisborne Herald, that is read by approximately 27,000 people (Source: Nielsen Consumer and Media Insights).

Their journey started with a beach survey that uncovered the problem. Next came the inquiry to investigate the issues and effects. Finally, it was time to step into action that included a wearable art costume to raise awareness of plastic alternatives and a compelling video describing the environmental conscience of a disengaged teenager. Georgia Jobson, scripted her initial telephone call to the newspaper. They were so impressed they sent out the chief reporter and photographer to cover the scoop.

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The Power of Storytelling